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Enneagram Sessions + Workshops

The Enneagram is a personality assessment that helps you understand yourself, others, and the underlying motivations that drive behavior. A nine-pointed diagram outlines the nine types. Each type with its own way of thinking, feeling, and acting with a unique set of strengths, weaknesses, and ways of relating to others.

Clients use the Enneagram as a powerful resource for personal development and improved communication and relationships. The idea is not just to determine your type, but to use that knowledge for growth and better interactions with others.  

Individual Debrief

This includes the top Enneagram assessment on the market and 1-1 debrief where we'll apply to results to you, and use it to help you achieve your goals. 

Corporate Workshop

Using deep expertise with talent development and facilitation I offer and interactive Introduction to Enneagram workshops in person and virtually. 

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