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After getting to the root cause of what you need (my speciality!), together we'll build a personalized plan to achieve what you are seeking. Below are common topics I help people with during coaching.

Modern Job Search Strategy

I help job seekers strategize their job search. I start by dissecting your situation, and diagnose the root of what will help you the most. You'll leave our time together with a step by step job search plan customized to your situation with the exact tools and resources that will help you the most.


Topics include things like: modern job search strategy and best practices, helping you identify and articulate skills and strengths, feedback on resume, cover letter and LinkedIn, mindset and emotional support, networking and job search best practices, troubleshooting roadblocks you're facing, interview prep, leadership skill coaching, general career Q&A or any other work topic you have. 

Determine Strengths + Skills

The latest research in Positive Psychology proves that when people are in Flow they are not only happier but more successful. Flow is the state you get in when you are so immersed in something that you lose track of time. It doesn't feel like work, it isn't forced, it just flows. This is where Strengths come in. To achieve Flow you must be using your strengths and skills, and one of our first steps will be about getting crystal clear on what those are. This helps you choose your next job or career, talk about yourself in interviews and/or pitch yourself to clients and increase your confidence. 

Change Limiting Beliefs + Quiet The Inner Critic

Beliefs > Behavior > Results. The latest research proves that if you believe you aren't good enough (for example), you'll act like you aren't good enough and you won't get the results you're seeking. Everyone has beliefs or stories (like I'm not good enough, I'm replaceable, I'm not enough, etc) they consciously or subconsciously tell themselves that hold them back. Those stories are told over and over again by a voice in your head called the Inner Critic. To achieve your goals I'll help you name and quiet that voice and replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones. You'll learn to listen to the voice of your Inner Mentor, not the Inner Critic. I've seen many people do this and you can too!

Strategic Goal Planning + Execution

Simply put, coaching helps you get clear about your goals, put a plan in place, and hold you accountable while being a thought partner along the way. I have deep experience building transformational plans that get you the change you are seeking. Whether that is a goal related to your career, business development, personal growth, self care, etc. I can coach you to accomplish anything you are hungry to go after.  

Career Growth + Transition

As a Work Doctor clients often come to me saying things like "I don't know what I want but I know it's not this", "I want to find a job I enjoy going to and feel good at", "I went into this career because I thought it was right for me, but now I know it isn't, what do I do now?", "I know it's time for a change in my job but I'm not sure what I want next", I could list a thousand scenarios - but the bottom line is this. If you want to be happy and confident at work I can help you like I've helped many many others. I am an expert in all the latest best practices in career identification, industry changes, search strategies, personal branding, marketing (resume, cover letter, personal website, LinkedIn, etc), international moves, training and more.

Build Self Awareness + Personal Growth

You must know where you are before you can determine where you are headed. A natural part of coaching is learning about who you are and what you truly want (vs. what others want or have influenced you to believe you want it). To do that I'll use a variety of proven tools, assessments and coaching approaches to clarify your top values, interests, character strengths, habit forming style, and born personality preferences. From there we can create an action plan of how you can live in alignment with who you are and what is important to you. Ensuring your life on the inside matches your life on the outside.

Clarify Purpose + Meaning

Imagine putting a ladder up against a building, climbing all the way to the top only to realize it isn't the right building. What I'll help you do is figure out which building is the one you want to climb, saving you time and sanity. Having a clear North Star is the first step to achieving anything we want - as a leader in life or in business.  I will help you dream big, clarify your bigger purpose and then make sure you keep your eye on the prize as you take action. You won't know if you've arrived unless you know where you're headed.

MBTI Personality Assessment

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is a questionnaire that helps you understand your innate preferences, or how you are instinctively wired. It is based on the research of the famous psychologist Carl Jung and used throughout academia and corporations globally. This is a powerful tool to deepen self awareness and give you language for things you may know about yourself but haven't been able to articulate or appreciate. Knowing your MBTI type will shed light on careers that fit you and don't, how to improve your relationships at home and at work, and ways in which you can own and tap into your strengths to reach your goals. I've been certified in MBTI since 2006 and have debriefed 100's of people, helping them understand their unique way in the world. It is a powerful tool that can positively impact all areas of your life. 

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