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My favorite days at work and my most savored conversations in life have always been when I was helping people deepen their self-awareness, dream, plan, get unstuck, and move forward.


Coaching is what I was born to do, and helping people is my passion and purpose in life.  It is my mission to help reduce suffering in the workplace and I do that by working with one leader at a time. Whether they lead themselves or they spearhead a team, I help leaders make decisions for their life and career that aligns with their values and highest vision for themselves.

Coaching comes naturally and I'm also a Board Certified Coach, Professional Certified Coach, and graduate of the top coaching school globally. I bring 20 years of work experience, in HR, Leadership Development at Global Fortune 500 and Start-up organizations in addition to owning a thriving referral-based coaching and consulting business for the last nine years.  


More importantly, I am an inner explorer. A soulful, deeply curious, lifelong learner. I am a ravenous consumer of the latest thinking and research in human behavior, leadership development, career strategy with a bit of the esoteric mixed in. My coaching style blends right-brain intuition and left-brain practicality, helping you dive deep to explore your inner life so you can design an outer life that fits you. 


I'm also a wife and mother of two young kids. After living and adventuring in San Francisco, Portland, Germany, and California's Central Coast my family and I are now back in Portland for the long term. Coaching is my calling, it was what I was born to do. However, I'm more than just a coach, I'm a purpose excavator. I'd love to help you clear your thought debris and build an exciting path toward your personal definition of success.



  • Graduate of The Coactive Training Institute and hold a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach Certification (CPCC) - the gold standard in coaching.
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF) which is the governing body of coaches.
  • Board Certified Coach (BCC) through the Center for Credentialing and Education.
  • Graduated with a Bachelors of Arts (BA) from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo where I studied the decisions people make and how that impacts the future
  • Holds a Professional Human Resources (PHR) certification which is maintained with continuing education. 
  • Certification: iEQ9 Enneagram, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Personality Assessment, Strengths Finder, SkillScan, Lominger Korn Ferry 360’s assessments, Zenger Folkman 360, among others.


I work with clients at all levels from C-Suite to individual contributor across private, public, non-profit, and entrepreneurial sectors and within all industries. I've coached clients who work at the following companies, organizations and universities, among many others not listed. 

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Thirteen years of my corporate life were spent at a global Fortune 500 company where I developed and coached all levels of leaders to achieve their goals. Most recently I was responsible for Internal Coaching and Leadership Development, prior to that I served in a variety of HR roles. In that time I built a reputation as a valued thought partner who operates with the highest integrity. I've learned a lot about leadership and business working for a multi-national brand, but that isn't where I started. Originally, I spent five years working with an e-commerce start-up building their training department from the ground up. As the first person in my family to go to college I’ve worked hard to reach my goals and learn every step of the way. I love to help others do the same.  


About 15 years into my corporate life, I woke up and realized my career was thriving, but I wasn't. I had done what I see many of my clients do; I had worked hard to get into college, I got a "good job", I said yes to every opportunity, fueled my self-worth through promotions and accolades, and was well on my way to Vice President of my department. Early in my 30's and motherhood I sadly realized...I was miserable. When I got honest with myself, I recognized it was the title, money, and feeling of success that I was striving for - not the actual work or impact it made. So I stopped spinning my wheels for the first time since college and asked myself questions like:

- What do I really care about?
- How do I want to define success?
- If there is one part of my job I could do all day every day what is it? 
- What comes naturally and easily to me?

- Whom do I want to serve?
- Why do I work? (besides paying for my daily life)

What I was good at and loved to do was to listen to people, to be a thought partner, to help them, and encourage them as they worked towards their goals. Then, ah-ha, I knew it "I want to be a professional coach!" So, I convinced my company to pay for me to go to coaching school and increase my coaching duties at work, and they agreed. That one singular step propelled me forward and inspired me to design this life I now love and that fits who I truly am.

Within a year of that 'ah-ha', I had quit my corporate job with the secure salary, all the benefits, and 401k matching...annd moved my family to Europe. There I started my own business and it's been nine years since that ah-ha and I'm proud to say I have a thriving referral-based coaching business.

Work is a meaningful part of my day-to-day now, but doesn't define me like it did before. My work life and personal life are integrated, I am intentional about making time each week to hike the gorgeous trails around me and I have the bandwidth to be present and really enjoy being with my kids. When I'm not doing those things I love helping values-driven, soulful leaders define, grow, and reach their goals. Eventually, I found a way to thrive, not just survive and I absolutely love helping others do the same.


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