"Christie, you read people so well and are an incredibly insightful coach. You listen for what is or isn't being said and then skillfully steer the conversation in the direction that is most helpful. You have an ease about you that makes it easy to trust you and talk about the hard things - the real stuff in life that we all so need help with but are often afraid to ask for  And you do it all in a way that's light-hearted, which makes the conversations both beneficial and fun".

~ Ashley, Coach


of appreciation

"I would be coached by you every day if I could. You were so sincere, and made me feel incredibly comfortable instantly. I felt cared about and refreshed after every session. You helped me observe the things that I believed were absolute and gave me a new perspective that improved how I approach things in life and in business. The questions that you asked were so powerful. They helped me open up about things I wasn’t addressing before, pushing me out of my comfort zone to a place of positive change. The money I spent on a desk at WeWork was worth it, just so I could meet you. I appreciate you so much".

~ Luke, Entreprenuer


"Working together I went from literally having no idea what I wanted to do, to working in my dream job at my dream company. My sessions with Christie were always enlightening. From day one she has been intuitive enough to pick up on my mood when I'm struggling with something, even when I don't say it. She gets to the heart of whatever you're dealing with, whether it be a personal struggle, a work setback, or if you just need to redirect your efforts. She has helped me understand that I get to celebrate my differences from my peers and that not only are they not a weakness, they're what is leading me to my ultimate career track. Work with her and watch your life move forward in the best possible way."

~ Courtney, Social Media Specialist

“Christie has been an absolutely amazing coach for me. She helped guide me to understand what I truly wanted out of my career, what my strengths and interests were, and what job would make me truly happy. In the end she help me quit my day job to pursue my dream job. I now own my own Digital Media Consulting business specializing in craft brewing. She is very quick on her feet and never gets lost, even when I throw curve balls at her. She always has good guidance without hesitation. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a career coach and I’m so happy I connected with her when I did.”

~ Zach, Digital Media Marketing Consultant

"Taking on Christie as my leadership/career coach was the absolute best thing I ever did and I’m 100% positive it will be the same for you. At the time of finding Christie, I was seeking to switch from the tv/film industry to marketing with little to no leads and no modern day job search knowledge. I was completely lost in every sense of the word and a bit nervous to book a coach. In the very first session and round of homework alone, I gained incredible insights and encouragement that propelled and sustained me through the job hunt. Christie helped me to position myself with my past experience, analyze my current strengths and goals, and take specific action steps forward. And she did this through a compassionate heart, intentional listening and questioning, and immense knowledge and experience. I made connections I never thought I could and interviewed better than I ever have. And as of last month I reached my goal and made it into my dream company. I could not have done that alone, I needed a coach, I needed someone in my camp, I needed a helping hand, and I needed Christie. She is the #1 reason I got to where I am today and I will continue to seek her coaching throughout my career. Thank you for everything Christie!"

~ Kyler, Advertising Creative Assistant


"Some people have a gift for helping you think clearly through the pros and cons of personal and professional decisions. They help you to thoughtfully consider the trade-offs and benefits of major life choices. Christie Artis has that gift. She has the innate ability, matched with a wealth of  specialized experience, to guide you in articulating your values and priorities, analyzing potential barriers and determining how to meet  your day-to-day and "big picture" home and career goals with grace and perspective. She asks the important questions-  the ones you wouldn't have considered on your own, but end up being vital to your decision-making process. Christie artfully motivates her clients to problem-solve any situation, leaving you empowered and inspired. 


~ Whitney, Pediatrician and Founder

I scheduled my first meeting with Christie five months ago, because I felt stuck in a rut at work. I was ready for a change, but wasn't sure how to take the next step. Christie helped me see some of the barriers that I was placing on myself. Through our work together, I learned how to identify my inner critic, and how to get curious about what I wanted to do with my life. In my situation, it was time for me to start dreaming bigger and start from scratch. I wanted to go back to school for Interior Design. I have also always been drawn to international travel (both personally and professionally), and so I began researching Interior Design programs all over the world. I landed on a program in Florence, Italy, crunched the numbers, and found that it was totally possible for me to fund this adventure and invest in myself and my interests.


Fast forward to today, and I am two weeks out from my flight to Florence and getting the last details into place. While the idea of this has been exciting since I made the decision to apply, I have also had my challenges. My inner critic came up quite a bit throughout the process of applying for the program and for my student visa. There were times when I questioned if I could really do this, especially when faced with even the slightest skepticism when I shared my plans with others. But I kept coming back to my inner critic work, and made a commitment to keep taking steps forward even when I was scared. I am so thankful for my work with Christie. Our conversations have triggered a really exciting time in my life, and I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to pursue a career aligned to their passions.
~ Katherine, Interior Designer (to be!)


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