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"I was feeling stagnant in my career and didn’t even know where to start to get unstuck. Christie quickly dialed in on what I needed and gave me the tools and the confidence to create a more meaningful professional life for myself. I ultimately had clarity about what a fulfilling career and life was for me, resigned from my job, took a sabbatical and have just accepted a position that aligns exactly to what I want and need at this stage in my career. Christie is empathetic and intuitive. She has the unique ability to see different paths forward that are otherwise difficult to recognize. I would highly recommend working with Christie for help with taking your next step."

- Danielle, Product Owner

“Christie is insightful, intelligent, strategic, and professional. She is warm, real, caring, engaged, and empathetic. She really can do it all. Whether she's helping you work through a problem, negotiate a job offer, or challenging you to figure out where you want to take your career, you will enjoy the process. Her skills are so finely tuned and her approach so personable, you'll not only have the pleasure of getting to work with and know Christie, you will be learning skills that you can use at every single step of your career. No matter what path you are on, Christie can help you get to where you want to be, and she can be a career-long consultant and confidant. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

-Nate, Communications Consultant


"Christie Artis is a thoughtful, strategic and engaging leader of Talent Management. She establishes deep connections with the leaders she is coaching and is passionate about developing them to reach their full potential. She has the rare ability to gather large amounts of information, synthesize into the most critical components and re-direct the conversation to produce a better outcome. I’ve always valued Christies insight and counsel and she makes everything she touches better."

-Leslie, Sr. Vice President HR

"I can’t tell you what a comfort it has been to have Christie in my corner as I set out on this journey. I felt as though I was just chatting with an old friend I hadn’t seen in years and we picked up right where we left off. Christie provides wonderful resources for self exploration and a safe space where you can shut out the noise and spend time understanding your needs, values, and goals. My advice to anyone wavering on the decision to move forward with a session is to just do it. Make the choice now to prioritize you, examine your innermost self, and commit to your sessions with vulnerability and candor. Christie’s engaging and compassionate personality resonates through the sessions and I’m so glad I took that first step with her as my coach!" 

- Meghan, Freelancer


"Some people have a gift for helping you think clearly through the pros and cons of personal and professional decisions. They help you to thoughtfully consider the trade-offs and benefits of major life choices. Christie Artis has that gift. She has the innate ability, matched with a wealth of specialized experience, to guide you in articulating your values and priorities, analyzing potential barriers, and determining how to meet your day-to-day and "big picture" home and career goals with grace and perspective."
-Whitney, Modern Mommy Doc Founder, Pediatrician and Author 

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