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1. NEW CLIENTS: If you're likely ready to make between a 3-6 month commitment (between 5-10 sessions) please email to book a free introductory conversation and learn more about my coaching style and how I can support you.

2. INSTANT BOOKING: Below you can book and pay for a single session instantly. You'll be automatically sent an intake form and follow-up plan after the session. The price includes all the time I spend before, during, and after the session and any tools shared. We can get a lot done in an hour!

3. ESTABLISHED CLIENTS: Book using the link below that relates to your pre-paid package.


Instant Book
Existing Clients

Marketing Manager


Christie is the real deal. She is an excellent, empathic listener who tailors her approach to what each person really needs. I left our session feeling hopeful and inspired. She also sent me a thorough recap and some great resources to help me implement the tactics we discussed. I'm so glad I went with Christie because this experience seriously exceeded all my expectations.


Software Enginner


I really enjoyed working with Christie. She is a keen listener. She worked really hard to fully understand my situation and to give me the best career advice. I could always count on her to provide me with great resources. She really strengthened my job-hunting skills. She gave me hope when I felt hopeless about my career. I highly recommend her!



San Francisco

Christie Artis is a thoughtful, strategic and engaging leader of Talent Management. She establishes deep connections with the leaders she is coaching and is passionate about developing them to reach their full potential. She has the rare ability to gather large amounts of information, synthesize into the most critical components and re-direct the conversation to produce a better outcome. I’ve always valued Christie's insight and counsel and she makes everything she touches better.


Program Manager
Washington DC

Christie is strategic, insightful, and compassionate. She provides helpful tools and resources that support actionable plans. Her amazing insight into unhelpful thought and behavior patterns are extremely valuable. She truly cares about the success of her clients and is a fantastic coach.

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