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The MBTI is the most popular personality assessment in organizations today. A tool that helps you understand your innate preferences so you can become more self-aware and increase interpersonal effectiveness at work and home. Providing a foundation for life-long personal and leadership development 


Over the last 20 years of using this tool in organizations, I've seen it transform individuals and teams. Learn more about individual 1-1 debriefs and team workshops below. 


  • Access code to complete the official MBTI Assessment online.

  • Full personalized detailed 18-page report (A $66 value that is included in the session price, I use the comprehensive Form Q, Interpretive Report I, sample here).

  • 75 Minute Zoom debrief session where I'll help you understand your results and how you can use them to understand yourself and others better

  • Total Investment $400
    (this includes the cost of assessment, report, and the coaches time before, during, and after the session)


  • 4-Hour in-person (or Zoom), fun, interactive, and experiential workshop.

  • Up to 30 attendees.

  • Access code to complete the official MBTI Assessment online.

  • Full personalized detailed 18-page report (the comprehensive Form Q, Interpretive Report, sample here) with sections on communication, conflict, change manage and decision making. 

  • Investment $5k facilitation and admin fee, plus cost of booklets ($28pp) and assessments ($66pp), and travel cost if applicable.



The world-renowned psychologist Carl Jung theorized that we are all born with innate preferences or natural ways of being in the world. That combined with our environment makes us the unique individual we are today. Then a mother-daughter team (Isabel Briggs-Myers and Katherine Briggs) created the MBTI psychological instrument to help people assess what their natural preferences are in a simple way (for example, do you naturally prefer introversion or extroversion). Jung theorized that there are four main dichotomies we can prefer, and those 4 make up 16 possible personality types. Understanding your type helps you appreciate your strengths and work around your opportunities, it also helps you understand others in your personal and work life better. Helping you understand how to flex your style or tap into their strengths to work together more effectively.


  • Understand your natural strengths and how to leverage them

  • Recognize blind spots and work around weaknesses

  • Increased self-compassion 

  • Understand and interact with others better

  • More easily navigate communication, conflict, and change

  • Make more effective decisions


  • I've been qualified (aka certified) in MBTI since 2005. 

  • To receive my training from the American Management Association via a 40-hour in-person course and passed an in-depth test.

  • I've taken Master's level coursework and continuing education regarding type and type and teams.

  • As an advanced practitioner I've debriefed 100's of individual MBTI results over the last 19 years.

  • I've designed and lead countless workshops with teams to help individuals understand themselves and each other better, enhancing team performance.



  • The report includes:

    • Sub detail for each result, for example, the report will explain the ways in which you prefer introverted qualities and the ways you are extroverted. Verses a generic result just telling you that you're an introvert or extrovert. (See page 5 for an example)​

    • Your natural communication style and specific actions you can take to enhance it

    • Understand your decision-making style and what to watch out for

    • How you manage change and ways you can elevate and become more agile

    • How you manage conflict and tactics to enhance your approach

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