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Whether it's, career, life or leadership coaching I'm here to help you reach your goals.
 I can coach you on any topic, but below are some common topics I help clients with.

Building Self-Awareness + Personal Growth

A natural part of coaching is deepening your self-awareness by learning about who you are and what you truly want (vs. what others want or have influenced you to believe you want). Depending on your situation we'll use a variety of proven tools, assessments, and coaching approaches to clarify things like your values, interests, character strengths and skills, habit-forming style, born personality preferences, and leadership development opportunities. I provide tools in between sessions that give you time to think, and we spend our time in session debriefing and pulling out deeper insights. Together we build a plan to help you take tangible action in the growth areas you want to focus on.

Job Search Strategy + Skills

I help job seekers strategize their job search to ensure they are taking the most effective steps to get results fast. I start by dissecting your situation and diagnosing the root of what will help you the most. You'll leave our time together with a step-by-step job search plan customized to your situation with the exact tools and resources that will help you the most.


Topics include things like: modern job search strategy and best practices, helping you identify and articulate skills and strengths, feedback on resume/CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn, mindset and emotional support, networking and job search best practices, troubleshooting roadblocks you're facing, interview prep, leadership skill coaching, general career Q&A or any other work topic you have.

Strengths +

A key to happiness and success at work is to play to our Signature Strengths (aka, what we are good at and also enjoy). I love helping clients discover and articulate what those are. Sometimes it's about putting words to what you've always known and often we uncover even more strengths you hadn't yet seen in yourself. From there we'll determine how you can leverage those strengths even more at work and in some cases ways your strengths may be overused and holding you back. If you're looking for a new job this will help you ensure your next role aligns with your strengths and also helps increase your confidence and gives you language to talk about yourself in interviews and/or pitch yourself to jobs/clients.


Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome

After working with 100's of clients the common denominator in almost all of them is that there is a critical voice in their head holding them back from their true potential. This is called the Inner Critic and it's fueled by limiting beliefs and that is what creates self-doubt and imposter syndrome. I'll work with you to help you understand this voice, recognize it, and learn tools to quiet it. Over time you notice it quicker, quiet it faster, and can operate at work with less fear and anxiety. You'll learn to replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones and practice self-compassion.  I've helped many people do this and yes, you can too! Can you imagine who you'd be and what work would be like without these doubts running the show? 

Leadership Vision +  Development

Whether you are leading yourself or leading others I can help you get to the root of what is you need to develop to reach your potential and career goals. We'll start by using a proven process to create a clear Leadership Vision for who you want to be as a leader.  From there we'll determine the strengths you want to leverage to bring that vision to life and identify the root cause opportunities that may hold you back. We'll build a behavioral-based development plan that takes a multi-pronged approach to evolve your leadership skills. This isn't your average corporate development plan that gets filed away, it actually works. 

Career or
Job Changes

Does this sound familiar? You got into college, graduated, got a job and then part way into our career realize this isn't exactly what you want. I find clients are usually in one of these three places when they start coaching.
1) You know what you want but you need help getting it. Whether it's a job, promotion, or skill(s) you want to develop.
2) You have narrowed down some ideas about your career next steps but you aren't sure how to choose the right one. You need a thought partner to help you sort out the options to help ensure you make the right decision, one that truly fits you and the lifestyle you want.

3) You feel totally lost, overwhelmed and stuck. You aren't sure how to explain what you're good at or what you want next. You don't know what you want, but you know it's not this.



As a leader, you are faced with constant decisions - from daily decisions at work to bigger life decisions. I am a thought partner to my clients. Helping them sort through and organize the thoughts swimming in their head. Together we dissect what is truly making the decisions difficult, explore options you can't see yet, clarify the best way forward, strategize and plan for how to approach a situation, and generate the courage to act according to your values and vision of success. Along the way, I hold up the mirror to you and may call out areas where you may not be honest with yourself. From where to live, what job to choose, to how to approach your boss or manage a conflict. I can help you efficiently get to a solution you feel confident in and ultimately proud of.


Purpose + Meaning

Having a clear North Star is the first step to achieving anything we want - as a leader in life or in business. Imagine putting a ladder up against a building, climbing all the way to the top only to realize it isn't the right building. What I'll help you do is figure out which building is the one you want to climb, saving you time and sanity. I will help you dream big, clarify your bigger purpose and then make sure you keep your eye on the prize as you take action. You won't know if you've arrived unless you know where you're headed.


Goal Planning and Execution

Simply put, coaching helps you get clear about your goals and take action. Together, we create a plan and I hold you accountable while being a thought partner along the way. I have deep experience building transformational plans that get you the change you are seeking. Whether that is a goal related to your career, business development, personal growth, self-care, etc.

Yes, you do the work but I and here to coach and encourage you to accomplish anything you are hungry to go after.  Along the way, helping you overcome real and perceived obstacles.

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