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Jon Doe

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Jane Doe

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James Doe

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Guided visualizations allow you to connect to your subconscious and your true self. This helps you connect to your intuition when deciding a way forward.


Meditation is critical to increasing mindfulness and managing your thoughts so they don't manage you. It's never required but always recommended.


Expressive writing is a very powerful tool to deepen self-awareness, increase mindfulness, strengthen self compassion, reframe thoughts and reduce anxiety.

Think of the below tools as a buffet. We'll choose the right tool at the right time based on you, your situation, and your unique needs. I don't use every tool with every client, and there are even more tools and approaches not mentioned. No cookie-cutter approach here, I'll meet you where you're at and we'll only do what makes sense for you at that moment. If there is something you're not into, that's ok too!


My coaching approach is centered around helping you be more conscious, intentional, and accountable for who you want to be and ensuring the actions you take are in alignment with your highest self.


Seeing our vision in images, words and colors is a helpful daily reminder of our intentions. It is also a tool for manifesting what we want, energetically attracting what we desire. Not to mention, it's fun!


Assessments can help you see yourself from a new perspective, put into words things you may sense but aren't able to articulate. I use Values, MBTI, Strengths 2.0, Enneagram, Four Tendencies, and more.


If we aren't in-frequency with what we are doing or wanting it just isn't going to work. When working together I listen and feel for your energy as much as I'm listening for what is and isn't being said. My style is deeply intuitive and incredibly practical and I help you do the same.


For homework, I provide self-guided exercises that allow you to deepen your awareness or clarify your thinking on whatever we're working on. Then we spend our call time debriefing your learning and deciding a way forward. This allows us to get more done, quicker. 


For years I've been not only consuming articles, videos, and podcasts but creating a database of the best ones. This means I can provide you with a quality resource for nearly every situation, and if I don't I love finding one for you.

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