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We haven't met (yet!), but my guess is that you are here for one of these reasons:

- you're feeling stuck

- you know it's time for a change

- you need guidance 

More specifically maybe you...

  • You don't know what you want from your career but you know it's not this

  • Have ideas about what's next but need help getting there (new job, promotion, etc)

  • Are longing for more meaning in your work and want to find a job and company that truly fits you

  • Have dreams but are lacking the confidence to go after them 

  • Are in a leadership role and want to reach your potential

  • Aren't sure the best way to get a new job (resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn, interviewing, oh my!)

  • Are returning to the workforce after a leave of absence 

  • Basically you need up-to-date career advice, mentorship and someone to help keep you accountable to your goals

  • Or, you totally thought this was a different website (ha, kidding!)

Great news!

As a former corporate HR professional (the good kind!) turned evidence based Coach this is exactly what I specialize in.

As we work together you will:

  1. Get to know your true self even better, using that information to make the right decisions for you

  2. Become clear about your next steps in life and career 

  3. Increase your confidence in your ability to achieve your goals

  4. Build life and professional skills in the areas that actually matter to you and what you want

  5. Feel supported every step of the way with proven approaches to making your dreams a reality

I get you.

I do what I do because I've been there. I've been over the moon about a job, then I've cried on the train to work every day for months. I've liked my job, and at the same time I also felt sick every Sunday night thinking of Monday. I've had amazing leaders and damaging leaders I dreaded being in the same room with. I've felt like my career path was crystal clear, and then I've also felt totally stuck and lost. I've needed guidance too.

I truly get it.

I also know exactly how to get out of that stuck place and get back on top in the next place. How to get to feel a true sense of fulfillment at work and in life. How to build a life on the outside that matches who you are on the inside.


I would love to help you.


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