I help heart-centered professionals transition out of career ruts. It's time to ensure your work life aligns with your strengths, values and your unique definition of success. If you're ready to have fulfillment in your job and grow to your potential then it's time to do the inner exploration required to get the outer life you desire.






You're feeling stuck in your current life or career. You need help sorting out the thoughts in your head, and reducing the overwhelm with a clear path forward.


Maybe you know what you want but you lack the confidence or knowledge to take action. Maybe you're happy with where you are but need help building the professional skills to be successful.


If you're looking for help at work - a change, a path forward, and a plan to feel confident in, you've come to the right place.



You have a career or development destination in mind, you just need help getting there.


You have some idea about where you want to go, you are seeking help to decide which option is best and take action.


You're unsure about what you want, you need to step back, pin point what you truly want and explore all options.

My coaching clients are values-driven professionals who are usually in one of these situations - which one are you?


I'm a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and a graduate of the top coaching school globally. I bring 20 years of work experience, in HR, Leadership Development at Global Fortune 500 and Start-up organizations in addition to owning a thriving coaching business for the last five years.


More importantly, I am an inner explorer. A soulful, deeply curious, lifelong learner. I am a ravenous consumer of the latest thinking and research in human behavior, leadership development, and career strategy. My coaching style blends right-brain intuition and left-brain practicality, helping you dive deep to explore your inner life so you can design an outer life that fits you. 

I'm also a wife and mother of two young kids. After living in San Francisco, Portland and Germany we have settled on the Central Coast of California so I can be outside playing as much as possible. 

Coaching is my calling, it was what I was born to do. However, I'm more than just a coach, I'm a purpose excavator. I'd love to help you clear your thought debris and build an exciting path toward your personal definition of success.




Danielle, Product Owner | Sydney, Australia

"I was feeling stagnant in my career and didn’t even know where to start to get unstuck. Christie quickly dialed in on what I needed and gave me the tools and the confidence to create a more meaningful professional life for myself. I ultimately had clarity about what a fulfilling career and life was for me, resigned from my job, took a sabbatical and have just accepted a position that aligns exactly to what I want and need at this stage in my career. Christie is empathetic and intuitive. She has the unique ability to see different paths forward that are otherwise difficult to recognize. I would highly recommend working with Christie for help with taking your next step."

Sara, Entertainment Director | Madrid, Spain
I decided to reach out to Christie because of her international experience and human-centered approach. I was in quite a dark place in my life and really didn't know what direction to take. I struggled to see what steps to take to move forward and felt very pessimistic. Christie was like a burst of light. She helped me discover aspects of myself that had become bogged down by all the confusion. Her thoughtful questions encouraged me to take a deeper look at myself and what I truly desired. Furthermore, she offered incredibly pragmatic, professional guidance on how to move forward. I have to say that I came to Christie looking for career guidance but ended up growing exponentially as a person and found my purpose. It was more than I could have dreamed of. I also very much appreciated Christie's kindness. She truly cares. I'm grateful to have found her.

Jenny, Associate Vice President Marketing | Chicago, IL

Working with Christie was a joy. In just the intro materials I sent her, she pinpointed a career path that I wanted to pursue but had discarded. She showed me how to think about entering that field in different ways that wouldn't necessitate quitting my job and taking out student loans. She got me out of the circular thinking that I was trapped in my current career path. She also helped me address some of the emotional challenges involved in a mid-life career change, which can be a really challenging transition. I felt like I got a lot out of it. I highly recommend Christie!

Kyler, Brand Executive | Portland, OR

"Taking on Christie as my leadership/career coach was the absolute best thing I ever did and I’m 100% positive it will be the same for you. At the time of finding Christie, I was seeking to switch from the tv/film industry to marketing with little to no leads and no modern-day job search knowledge. I was completely lost in every sense of the word and a bit nervous to book a coach. In the very first session and a round of homework alone, I gained incredible insights and encouragement that propelled and sustained me through the job hunt. Christie helped me to position myself with my past experience, analyze my current strengths and goals, and take specific action steps forward. And she did this through a compassionate heart, intentional listening and questioning, and immense knowledge and experience. I made connections I never thought I could and interviewed better than I ever have. I reached my goal and made it into my dream company. I could not have done that alone, I needed a coach, I needed someone in my camp, I needed a helping hand, and I needed Christie. She is the #1 reason I got to where I am today and I will continue to seek her coaching throughout my career. Thank you for everything Christie!"




Smart, Curious, thoughtful, unstoppable! If you desire change and want to push at the edges of what you think might be possible, you've found your partner in Christie. 



Head of Global HR

She is highly strategic, able to cut through to the essence of a problem and able to build a plan that encapsulates it all. I count her as one of my most trusted advisors. 



HR Director

[Christie] helped me realize that my career change was possible and how to calm my inner critic. Thanks to her, I was able to become unstuck!”




Software Engineer