I help values-driven professionals grow as leaders and transition out of career ruts.

If you're ready to feel fulfilled and grow to your full potential let me help you do the inner exploration required to get the outer impact you desire.

Let's work together to ensure your work and life align to who you are and your 
unique definition of success.



The pandemic pressed the pause button and asked us to face the reality of our work and our lives; asking ourselves questions like:

  • What do I truly want at work?

  • What is my definition of success?

  • Who do I want to be?

  • How can I find more balance?

I would love to be your thought partner, providing a proven method and powerful questions for self-discovery to help you gain clarity and focus. Empowering you to overcome fear and self-doubt while providing encouragement, honest feedback, and accountability to ensure you reach your goals in work and life. 


There are two main ways to work together:


If you're looking for deeper self-discovery or a
multi-session partnership and accountability I'm here to help. Request a free 30-minute call to learn more about working together and the package that could be right for you. Packages start at $1375.


  • Leadership development

  • Defining priorities and goals

  • Career pivots and promotion

  • Understanding strengths, skills, values

  • Overcome self-doubt and build confidence
    (e.g. limiting beliefs, fear, and imposter syndrome)

  • Choosing a new career or industry


Sometimes you need help now with a one-off issue. In these situations, you can instantly book an hour session where I can help you with virtually any topic. With the help of a detailed in-take form, we can get a lot done in an hour, covering issues like:

  • Troubleshooting problems

  • Decision making

  • Mindset or emotional support

  • Strategy and planning at work/life

  • Overcome obstacles (e.g. work, relationships, job search)

  • Prepare for difficult conversations and interviews

  • Navigating HR issues




"I’ve been working with Christie over the past 16 months. I had come to her a little with goals like “getting a promotion” and “managing up”, but it quickly became clear to both of us that what I really needed was a shift in mindset and deep clarity around my values and life vision.

With empathy, wisdom, and impeccable coaching skills and tools, Christie guided me out of a place of self-doubt and cynicism to a place of authentic confidence, integrity, and compassion for myself and others. She was there for me in my ups and downs, helping me navigate challenges and difficult conversations, and celebrating my wins and achievements. She deeply cares.

Meanwhile, and as a direct result of our work together, I got the promotion I wanted, and I’ve become much more comfortable working with execs and having honest conversations that create a win for all!

Not only that, the tools she’s provided me with have a huge positive impact on my personal life and relationships as well.

Having had a long-term working relationship with Christie had resulted in the sustained changes I hoped for, mostly in the form of Christie’s wise voice inside my head :)"



Christie has a gift for helping you think clearly through the pros and cons of personal and professional decisions. Thoughtfully considering the trade-offs and benefits of major life choices. She has the innate ability, matched with a wealth of specialized experience, to guide you in articulating your values and priorities, analyzing potential barriers, and determining how to meet your day-to-day and "big picture" home and career goals with grace and perspective.

— Whitney,

Pediatrician, Author, Speaker