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"Between the stimulus and the response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."
~ Viktor Frankl 

This global pandemic has pressed the pause button on our normal lives. We are all in that space Viktor Frankl spoke about.


In the space to stop and reflect on the reality and impact of our current work and life.


An invitation to step back and uncover:

- What is working about my life?

- What isn't working?

- What do I want when this historic moment is over?

- Who do I want to be?

- What does this mean for my work?

This is your moment to consciously choose the life you want to return back into. If you are longing to answer these questions and design a life and career you love but don't know where to start I can help! 


As your coach I will:

1. Ask powerful questions to help you think deeply about what's on your mind.

2. Provide a proven method and tools to help you imagine possibilities, implement new behaviors and overcome fears.

3. Offer encouragement, honest feedback and accountability -ensuring you are more loyal to your dreams than your fears. 

In 2016 I went through this process myself. I stepped back and looked at my life with a fresh lens.  I got in touch with who I was and how I wanted to define success in the next chapter of my life. Which ultimately ended up with me quitting my corporate job to do the work I was born to do. I moved with my family to Europe and ultimately achieved internal and external health as a result. I have not only been where you are, but this is what I was born to help others with too.

Below you'll find more details about me and the packages I offer, including special pricing for those who are financially impacted by COVID-19. 



1 Hour Zoom
Video Call +

Packet of Tools & Resources Customized to Your Situation


Regular Price: $300 

- or-


$150 for those experiencing financial

hardship due to


If you need additional financial support please reach

out to me

Common Topics:

- Troubleshooting issues

- Decision making

- Mindset and emotional support

- Modern job search strategy

- Articulate skills and strengths 

- Feedback on resume, cover letter and LinkedIn

- Networking best practices

- One off leadership coaching

- Career Q& A

- Any other work topic you have


- Intake form allowing me to study you and your situation prior to our call

- Customized follow-up email outlining clear next steps with a bundle of curated tools and resources to support your specific situation


1 Hour Video Call+

Packet of Tools and Resources


Regular Price



$150 for those financially compromised by


Three packages to choose from

They range from 

3-6 months


includes 5-10

45 minute Zoom Video calls,

and all the

tools, resources and assessments


Package Prices Start at $1375

Common Topics:

- Defining priorities and values

- Finding purpose and meaning

- Transferable skills + strengths

- Choosing a new career

- Overcome fear and self doubt

- How to change industries

- Getting promoted

- Planning and strategizing

- Longer term accountability

- Leadership development


- Intake form allowing me to study you and your situation prior to our call

- Customized follow-up email outlining clear next steps with a bundle of curated tools and resources to support your specific situation


Christie helped me to position myself with my past experience, analyze my current strengths and goals, and take specific action steps forward. And she did this through a compassionate heart, intentional listening and questioning, and immense knowledge and experience.


Coming off a recent layoff, Christie was incredibly understanding and compassionate. Her insight on mental preparation was as eye-opening and helpful as the technical job search process techniques.


This was an amazing Experience! Christie was incredibly knowledgeable, accommodating, and understanding. She helped me regain confidence as I begin my new job journey, and honestly given me hope to attempt an alternative industry. Her guidance was unique and gave me a different, modern perspective on how to get a job! 


My superpower as a coach is my ability to hear what isn't being said, see people's strengths and quickly assess what they need the most. I'm deeply intuitive and bring 20 years of work experience in Coaching, HR, and Leadership Development at Global Fortune 500 and Start-up organizations.


As a Professional Certified Coach with over 1000+ lifetime coaching hours, and 100's of clients in over 30 countries I have the experience needed to get the results you're looking for. 

I'm also a wife and mother of two young kids. After living in San Francisco, Portland and Germany we have settled on the Central Coast of California where I'm outside playing as much as possible. 

Coaching is my calling, it was what I was born to do. I'd love to help you like I've helped so many others. 

One-Time Session

Long Term Packages


I really enjoyed working with Christie. She is a keen listener. She worked really hard to fully understand my situation and to give me the best career advice. I could always count on her to provide me with great resources. She really strengthened my job hunting skills. She gave me hope when I felt hopeless about my career. I highly recommend her!


I had a great experience speaking with Christie about job search strategies. She's pleasant, open-minded, and easy to talk to. She shared some advice that took my resume and cover letter to the next level, as well as great interview tips. This was my first time speaking with a career coach and if you're on the fence, I would definitely recommend Christie!


 IChristie very quickly sussed me out, and has a really unique, personal approach - no cookie-cutter templates. Lots of homework that will hit home. If you are feeling in a pickle, not sure where to go, or have tried a bunch of different things and feel like the "textbook tactics" aren't working, I'd highly recommend working with Christie.


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